Heard that your friend is a napper and are curious to find out more? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at the amazing benefits of napping.

When we were younger, there was no need for naps. Naps were for old people! It was frustrating when we’d visit our grandparents and they’d be napping by 3pm when all we wanted to do was keep playing! And what about our parents? Even they took naps!

As you’ve got older, though, you’ve probably realised that, actually, even people in their twenties take naps. Moreover, even famous people nap. Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle, Ronald Reagan and Napoleon were all great nappers of history. Why? Because they know that napping is the real secret to productivity and staying power. While everyone else is snoozing in front of Netflix by 10pm, they’re working on their novel or their business plan. Wondering what a 20 minute nap can do for you? Let’s take a look!

Napping Can Boost Creativity

Annoyed because you just can’t seem to be able to generate any ideas today? We think a nap might be in order! It really sucks when we want to be creative but out mind just won’t comply. It’s too distracted, too cluttered and we can’t think straight. There is a easy way out: Take yourself out of the game for a while, stir your unconscious into action and recharge your batteries by taking a nap.

Napping Prevents Burnout

Another one of amazing benefits of napping is that it can help prevent burnout.

Burnout is just horrible. It can make you hate your job, as well as everyone in your life. You hate your boss, your colleagues, your friends and even your pets. You literally don’t think about anything else except work anymore and it sucks. Big time. Burnout is hard to avoid if you’re working solidly all day long without proper breaks. And the best way to take breaks? A nap.

A nap gives you the chance to switch off completely from work. It refreshes your mind, reinvigorates you and starves off any risk that you were going to turn into a cranky so-and-so. If you feel yourself burning out from too much, take a 20 minute nap and see how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen?!

Napping Boosts Alertness

Ever got to 3pm and found your attention dropping? If you recorded your output throughout the entire day, you’ll probably find that you get most of your work done in the morning, because this when you’re at your most alert. By 3pm? Your eyelids are dropping, you’re feeling sleepy, and you can’t stay focused on the tasks at hand. And who really cares? Work is ending soon anyway, yay! Actually, your boss cares and – admit it – you care, too. A short nap can bring you back to life when all seems lost for the day. If you can, take a twenty minute nap in the afternoon in order to restore some much-needed alertness.

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