Beaches are some of the greatest and most enjoyable natural features this earth has to offer us. Homeowners pay exorbitant amounts of money to live near a beach, vacationers flock to sunny beachside locations on holidays, and when retirement age hits – it’s off to warm coastal areas people go! So why exactly is this? Why do we, as humans, naturally gravitate towards the beach?


  1. Going to the beach relieves stress.

The number one benefit for hitting the beach is stress relief. As soon as you exit your vehicle and step out into the sun, you feel the calming effects wash over you like water. Both the sun and the waves combined work to completely relax your body, release you from your aches, and free you from daily stresses. Not only is serotonin almost immediately released when you arrive on the beach, (serotonin is a key hormone for relaxation and happiness), but the sound and visuals of the beach and ocean are simply so soothing and peaceful.

It’s for the calming effects of the sound that crashing waves are often chosen for sleep machines. Additionally, light therapy is something that’s actually prescribed by doctors and therapists to help patient’s combat anxiety and stress.

  1. You’ll always get a better sleep after a day at the beach.

After just a few hours at the beach one of the greatest benefits a person will experience is a truly wonderful night’s sleep later. For insomnia sufferers looking for a natural remedy, the beach is a definite recommendation. It’s because the beach helps relieve three key factors that inhibit sleep: high stress and anxiety levels, lack of physical fatigue, and hormonal imbalances.

Not only do you feel immediately relaxed upon setting foot on the beach, but you get a great exercise even from just walking on the beach! Additionally, the sun and lowered stress levels immediately help regulate a person’s hormones – making it far easier later that night to get a peaceful and deep sleep.

  1. Get your daily amount of vitamin D in just ten minutes at the beach.

One of the most essential vitamins in our diets is vitamin D; however very little of it is actually absorbed through the consumption of foods. Yes, you may have vitamin D enriched milk, but it’s often not enough for our bodies to absorb the appropriate amount on a daily basis. Fortunately, spending just ten minutes outside in the sun can actually allow a person to absorb their daily dose of vitamin D directly through their skin!

  1. Going to the beach can improve your ability to fight off infections.

You may have experienced it previously – that painful sting when an open wound is exposed to salt water. Fortunately that pain is a sign that your wound is actually being cleansed by the water. Salt water has unique antibacterial and antifungal properties making it excellent for external infections; however it also helps internal infections as well.

The iodine in ocean water, which has other benefits we’ll discuss in point nine, actually is a fantastic immune system booster. It not only is highly antiseptic (it’s used in hospitals and surgeries all the time), but it helps boost the function of the thyroid gland which, in turn, boosts our immune system’s function.

  1. Enjoy endless opportunities to exercise when you’re out at the beach.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, stay in shape, or even just get rid of some pent up energy, you’ll find that the best place to do so is the beach. The beach is perfect simply because there are so many possible outlets. You can head out into the water and surf or swim, or you can even stay on the beach and walk around collecting shells. Surprisingly, walking on sand is actually quite difficult and utilizes more muscles than walking on normal pavement does – even more so if you take off your shoes and walk with bare feet!

  1. Going to the beach is like getting a beauty treatment for your skin.

The beach and ocean water truly has an amazingly positive effect on the overall health and appearance of skin. We’re not talking about baking yourself in the sun until you’re leathery tan (please wear sunscreen!), instead we’re focusing on the antibacterial and detoxification properties of the elements.

  • Exfoliate – the sand does a wondrous job exfoliating our feet, hands, and body. Nothing removes dead skin cells quite like course bits of sand does!
  • Detoxify – once the warm sun opens up our pores, the salt water is then able to go in and pull out the toxins. No more blemishes, uneven skin, or excess oils!
  • Antibacterial – next, the iodine and salt in the water work to completely destroy bacteria and fungi on your skin that cause breakouts.
  1. Reduce inflammation and pain with water aerobics.

Water aerobics are, by far, the easiest aerobic activity for the elderly, individuals with joint pain, arthritis, or have recently been in surgery. This is because the water offers a great deal of resistance without any impact at all and actually reduces the weight of a person submerged in water by around ninety percent.

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