Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the tissue lining the sinuses and if you’ve ever suffered from a sinus infection, you’ll know how uncomfortable and painful it can be.

Here are three causes of sinusitis you might not have known about:

1.  Bacteria

A sinusitis infection can be caused by a bacterial infection. For Gayle Adamson, sinus disease affected her for practically her entire life. She tried many different types of medication and even had surgery to remove polyps. Nothing worked. She was eventually referred to Dr Samer Fakhiri, a faculty member at the UTHealth Otorhinolaryngology Texas Sinus Institute and staff member at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.

“When I reviewed Gayle’s medical record, it was apparent that my otolaryngology colleague had done an excellent job of managing her condition,” he told UTHealth. “His intuition was correct that there might be something unusual in her disease process. When I examined her, it became immediately clear to me that her current problem was not the typical post-sinus surgery issue. I identified an area of exposed bone with associated infected material in the back of her nasal septum and sphenoid sinus.”

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