Although contrary to prevailing opinion, you don’t have to get rid from car if you are a pregnant women, here are some basic things you should know before your pet is welcomed as a new family member.

Cats, pregnant women and the baby lived together peacefully for thousands of years. Even now the situation is not any different. However, certain precautions will not hurt. For pregnant women can be dangerous vessel with cat’s sand or cat is not alone. Even desirable.

Mothers generally fear of toxoplasmosis, parasitic infections, which are associated with cat litter, sand or soil in which they are performed kitty litter box. If a woman gets toxoplasmosis in pregnancy, even a few months before conception may cause serious damage to the brain and eyes of future babies. This disease is caused by a parasite that can invade your cat if it eats prey, which is already infected or come in contact with contaminated soil. This is a disease, therefore, is very rare among cats that live exclusively in the apartment or house.

However, you should pay attention to the sand. If you decide to keep the cat, assign a family member to take over the cleaning of cat sand instead of a pregnant woman for nine months. If the expectant mother must clean feline “toilet”, it is necessary to wear a protective mask and rubber gloves. You should then wash your hands thoroughly. Be sure to clean the sand each day and change it as often as possible.

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