The secret is in the fiber and polyphenols from green apples that can not be digested in the stomach, and therefore there is much longer feeling of satiety.

A new study found that only one green apple a day is sufficient to prevent obesity!

These statements are based on the fact that substances found in meat and peel of green apples provide a longer feeling of satiety and reduce the urge for food.

In addition, the compounds of the fruit, including the necessary fiber and polyphenols which is a rich green apple, can not digest influenced by gastric acid, and when they reach the intestines, bacteria digest them which encourages the development of good bacteria.

Scientists from the University of Washington tested several types of apples in mice, in order to obtain information that causes the greatest variety propagation of good bacteria, and the answer was apple green.

In addition, experts have found that the balance of bacteria from the gut of obese people disrupted, implying disruption of metabolism in the proper operation and hunger, and this finding may be useful in designing treatment for problems with weight.

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