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How to Wake Up Early for a Morning Workout, According to Women Who Do It at 4 A.M.

There's waking up early to work out... and then there's waking up to work out at 4 a.m. (If you're not a morning person, you just died at the thought alone.) Truth: It takes a special type of person to wake up at the crack of dawn for a sweat session. But with the end of the...

The Most Critical Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out While Pregnant

Are you scared of working out whilst pregnant? Or simply not sure how to proceed? Everything seems slightly more daunting once you’re carrying and creating a whole other person. In this article I will give you specific advice, tips and strategies for working out while pregnant. Ensuring that you, and your baby, are safe. Not...

This Yoga Flow Will Calm Holiday Stress and Keep you Centered

From increased social commitments to the start of gift shopping, this time of year can really cause anxiety levels to skyrocket. But it doesn’t have to! By consciously scheduling in moments to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate, you can keep your chill and genuinely appreciate all the joy this season has to offer. One way...

3 Reasons Mornings Are the Best Time to Work Out

Hotly debated fitness topics are in no short supply: yoga vs. pilates, cardio vs. strength training, and the treadmill vs. outdoor running. But no dispute is as polarizing as the one surrounding morning vs. evening workouts. Of course, the absolute best time to work out is whenever gym time meshes with your schedule so actually show up on the...

How Your Happiness Is Related To Your Health

Over the past decade, a whole industry has grown around teaching people the secrets of happiness. You’ve probably seen shelves full of self-help books, each touting to help you find happiness. There are also courses and programs promising the same. All these may make you wonder how happiness and health are really connected. If...

The exercises in diabetes-who is allowed to practice

In diabetes requires increased caution and exercise should be avoided when blood glucose levels are very high. It is essential then one should check for ketones in your blood or urine and practice is not at all if ketones are elevated. Who is allowed to practice Any increase in exercise compared to the level at which...

7 best cardio exercises for men and women!

Do you want to start “melt” fat and remove excess weight? For you cardio exercise that can train together men and women … There are several types of exercise. However, no one type of exercise does not “dissolve” fat and removing excess weight as well as cardio exercises. We recommend a 7 cardio exercises that...

Exercises for sexy belly

Many of us want to have a sexy flat stomach like Halle Berry. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand or potion that will give us overnight to fulfill that desire. Flat stomach can be achieved as a combination of a healthy and balanced diet and exercise. Exercises for abs will help strengthen the muscles in that area,...

Nordic diet – Lose weight, and don’t ruin the health

The Nordic diet has become a hit among celebrities. Studies have shown that with the Vikings menu you can lose a lot of weight, lower pressure and be healthier. Those who are in the research ate local Danish food removed three times more weight than those who ate meatballs, pizza and spaghetti. Denmark diet includes plenty of...

Kettlebell for exercise of all muscles of the body

Kettlebell is specially designed weight used to perform ballistic exercises that combine aerobic and anaerobic training, and stretching. Kettlebell comes in several weights, standard weights are 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 16kg, and there are heavy kettlebell as much as 72 kg. At the very minimum this is what we recommend: Women – 8 KG (18 Lb) kettlebell Men...


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