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MovNat exercises that lead us back to the roots

If you like cross fit, then you’ll love MovNat, a new type of training, which is trying to restore the roots – the strength and abilities of our ancestors. If you like the paleo lifestyle, you are not thinking only about what is on your table, but what you are going to exercise. In addition to cross...

Exercise a Great Prescription to Help Older Hearts

Regular exercise is potent medicine for older adults with heart disease, a new American Heart Association scientific statement says. Physical activity should be a key part of care for older adults with heart disease who want to reduce their symptoms and build their stamina, said geriatric cardiologist Dr. Daniel Forman. He's chair of the panel that wrote...

Is It Bad to Stay Inside For an Entire Day?

One day inside probably won’t hugely affect your health—but it’s not great to constantly stay cooped up from morning until dark. The biggest issue is that entering hibernation mode means you don’t get any exposure to natural light. Sunlight tends to improve your mood, and it helps your body produce vitamin D, which has...


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