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These are the rules of practice in the gym for women

What is required, and prohibited when exercising at the gym? Read on and you will learn… What’s wrong with your coach chosen solely for your look. So what is a painful exercise for no gain? Do not use the equipment before you consult with a trainer. Buy yourself an exclusive fitness equipment. If you want to...

Suspension training for strength

Strengthen muscles using props that were invented by US Marines. This training is especially recommended for those who have problems with the back muscles. Recreationists who do not like to practice using the machines at the gym, muscles can tighten using (TRX) strips. This apparatus invented by US Marines to improve physical condition. Body weight,...

The best and worst exercise during the cold

When you are sick, exercise is the last thing you’re thinking of. It is true that the body during cold but stressed that it makes no sense to burden it further. However, in some cases, moderate exercise may help you feel better. If symptoms are present, such as coughing, sinus pressure and nasal congestion, then...

How do you exercise for faster results?

The exercises for power are just as important as aerobic exercise. Sometimes the results of exercise are not seen in a several weeks. If that’s the case with you, you should definitely pay attention to your method of exercise. Studies have shown that a large number of people, mostly women, avoids strength exercising and lifting loads (weights, dumbbells) out of fear that...

How to recognize an intensive training?

Intensive training means training that lasts longer and is more intense than what the body is ready. Too intense training usually happens at a time when high intensity exercise when the body is not sufficiently recovered from a previous training. Regular exercise requires balance. Too often, exercise, exercise high intensity and without adequate rest breaks and...

Top exercises to shape the breast

Exercises for strengthening and shaping the breasts are suitable for both sexes, although women are more frequently exercising. Everything you need from equipment is a Pilates ball, a bottle of water or weights and a bench in the park. This is also a fitness exercise that will prepare your body for the summer. With pilates ball Rely on the...

Training of just 60 seconds

One of the best discoveries is that strengthen physical shape does not have to be time and money consuming. In fact, scientific research results again show that short, frequent and intensive training can encourage the working muscles, burn fat and provide health benefits as well as those recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise. Any amount of exercise is...

Isometric exercises for tightening and body shaping

Do you want to shape and tighten your body with minimal effort? Isometric exercises are right for you, and we bring you four basic exercises that will activate all muscle groups. In addition to these four exercises that will run three times a week, no more than 10 minutes you will notice results after one...

What is the best time of day for exercise?

A large amount of research was conducted on the topic of exercise and the best time of day to exercise. Studies have not yielded concrete universal result, it has shown that the best practice in the time of day that suits you best, and that is more or less a matter of personal choice. The body...

Dry surfing for strength and balance of the body

Latest world hit in the gym is the surf simulator designed to simulate surfing training. Surfs approach is inspired by one of the world’s greatest sports. By imitating the movements of real surfing, were created exercises that build balance, strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, muscle strength and coordination. The program includes physical movements of sport and...


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