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Computer Vision Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

The sense of sight is indeed a blessing. But, we tend to neglect this gift and subject our eyes to a lot of stress and strain every day. We end up working every day for a good 8-9 hours in front of computer/laptop screens, only to return home and start playing games...

7 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress at Work and Stop Worrying

The internet today is booming with posts promoting work-for-self, work-from-home, and living your passion and purpose. Quite frankly, the spike in this content has good merits! We are fed up with the stress and demands that are placed on us by other people and the companies that we work for.

What Is Self Efficacy and How to Improve Yours

I wont lie Self efficacy is not a word I usually use, but when I looked it up to check its true meaning, I was happy to see that it’s basically what I do for a living. How had I missed that! Self efficacy according to...

4 Essential Oils That Quickly Relieve Sunburn

Sunburn is the effect of too much sun exposure or exposure to other forms of ultra-violet light. It is a common problem in summer when sunlight hours (and intensity of the sun) increase and people spend longer periods of time outdoors. If you are planning on being in the...

8 Benefits Of Eating Bitter Gourd During Pregnancy

Bitter gourd is also known as balsam pear or bitter melon across the world. This medium-sized vegetable has a distinct bitter taste but is considered a very important inclusion in one’s diet due to its amazing properties as a natural medication. The bitter gourd is used as a natural drug all over...

15 Brain-boosting Foods You Should Add To Your Shopping List Right Away!

Have you heard of the theory that foods that resemble body organs tend to benefit those organs the most? For instance, kidney beans resemble the kidneys and are hence good for them. Avocados are good for the uterus because they look like one. While these claims may or may...

Improve Memory + 9 Other Rosemary Benefits Backed by Science

After knowing these Rosemary Benefits backed by medical science, you’ll start to admire this miraculous herb more than ever! Rosemary is one of the most popular culinary and medicinal herb native to the Mediterranean region. It’s also used for ornamental purposes due to its needle-like leaves and flowers. The flowers come in colors...

The Total Guide To Diffusing Essential Oils & 5 Recipes To Try

An aromatherapy diffuser is a popular way of using aromatherapy. However, there are several different types of diffusers on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. And there are also some safety considerations for diffusing essential oils, depending upon where you are diffusing essential oils and who is present.

The Health Benefits Of Plant-Based Milks + How To Make Your Own

Not too long ago, when most of us thought of milk, it was impossible to picture anything but the creamy white substance that comes from a cow. These days, however, there’s a wide, wide world of “milks” on the market that have nothing to do with animals. Plant-based milks have become an...

What’s the Best Nap Length for the Biggest Brain Benefit?

Would you like to know the secret to the perfect nap? Are you wondering the best nap length or the perfect amount of z’s to catch up on some much needed sleep, feel amazing and help your brain function better? We’ve done some research and found some solutions, so if so, please...


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