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8 Reasons Oregano Should Grow In Every Garden

Oregano is one of the most popular perennial herbs to grow in any herb garden. Most are familiar with using it to flavor foods like pizza and pasta sauce – in fact, U.S. soldiers returning home after the Second World War brought back a fondness for what they called the “pizza herb” with them....

How to Go Vegan: From Meat Eating to Vegetarian

‘I could never do that’. This is the answer I mostly hear from people once I’ve told them that I’m a vegan. And the truth is: I thought the same way before. I’ve eaten meat my entire life – like most people. Maybe I even overdid it a little bit. I’ve followed the typical bodybuilding...

If You Want Better Mental Health, You Should Use Your Journal In This Way

Most experts and psychologists recommend keeping a journal because journaling is a great stress reliever and by being this, it’s helpful for anyone under emotional or mental stress. But a new kind of journaling is in town – that of the bullet journal, and it is more helpful than ever in improving emotional balance...

What Happens When You Give Up Sugar for Good?

When one Swedish mom put her entire family on a sugar-free diet, she thought it might help them kick their cravings for sweet treats, but she didn’t expect it to change her daughter’s entire behavior. In a Facebook post that’s since been shared more than 2,400 times, Anna Larsson, 38, explained that after realizing how...

5 Science Backed Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Each Morning

When you think about apple cider vinegar (ACV), do you picture just another ingredient in a salad dressing, or one of nature’s food-as-medicine wonder drugs? Various schools of thought exist around this sometimes controversial liquid. In recent years, it’s become a popular ingredient in detoxes and cleanses that claim to offer numerous benefits – but...

4 reasons why it is good to eat potato while dieting

The belief that potatoes increases weight is not true, the research found. Learn why it is wise to eat potato if you want to lose weight. While vegetables such as spinach and broccoli we eat in cooked form, fry the potatoes and bake in various forms, combine it with fatty sauces and add butter in...

How to flatten the waist at any age?

From the twenties to the fifties every year we lose about 250 g of lean muscle mass. How many times have you heard that it is impossible to have slimmed waistline if you’re middle-aged? I.e., it is not impossible, but you’ll need to give up almost everything? You should know that not only is possible,...

Lose weight after pregnancy with this plan of exercise!

It may not help with sleepless nights, but this training will surely help you to lose weight. The first results can be expected after only a month. First of all, consult a physician. When you approve on exercise, start this training run 2 times a week and three times a week performing cardio plan. All...

From these foods you will surely get the stomach

Nobody likes to have a big stomach, but other than that we do not look too sexy, fat on the belly that you can actually endanger your health. The fat can actually put pressure on the pancreas, and numerous studies have shown that people who have deposits on the stomach have a higher risk for...

Clean the body before the upcoming holidays

Cleansing and detoxification of the body will stimulate your immune system and help you to stay healthy during the holiday season. Most people are familiar with the basics of detoxification involving healthy juices, smoothies, large amounts of water and a healthy diet. Although it sounds simple, most have problems with maintenance plan and schedule...


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