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Weight Loss

Diets of famous

Claudia Schiffer has a very simple diet plan. She eats fruits, tea and honey for breakfast, salads and soups for lunch, and a salad of chicken or fish, or a piece of chicken for dinner. The appearance of Hollywood stars is something about which dream women and men around the world. When we watch TV...

Madonna’s diet for slimness

Madonna’s diet is very simple, healthy and brings long-lasting weight loss. Although it is 56 years old popular singer has the perfect line. Read how it is achieved. This diet specially for Madonna made ​​Ray Kibartas, her personal trainer and nutritionist. Interestingly, Madonna’s greatest weakness are sweets (and who is not?). That’s why she was...

Would you move to the gluten-free diet?

Gluten-free diet has in recent years experienced a real boom. Many have started to follow. Although initially designed as a therapeutic diet, it’s proven to be excellent for cleansing the body. Gluten-free diet is designed primarily for those suffering from celiac disease, who have a problem with absorption of gluten, a protein that is present...

Why is it important for men to exercise regularly?

It is normal with aging blood pressure levels to increased gradually. Year after year a growing number of middle-aged men suffer from high blood pressure. It is normal aging blood pressure levels increased gradually, but in this way increases the risk of developing a number of health problems. The findings, published in the journal American College...

Winter diet on the advice of traditional Chinese medicine

It’s amazing how much winter diet can affect our health situation in this sensitive time of year. If you follow the guidelines of traditional Chinese medicine can avoid colds and remain vital and strong. Nutrition, that is already well known, plays a key role in protecting our body from disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine...

Beet juice for stronger muscles

Beet juice is one of the best natural remedies for anemia that is really effective and it is well known. But try the latest intensive training in the gym. Researches say that beetroot juice improves muscle performance by as much as 13 percent. This means that you simply have to drink if you exercise...

You should not eat this if you want a flat stomach

Here are a few tips that help you to reduce stomach bloating and get flat stomach. With a well-known rule of drinking large quantities of water have to keep an eye on your diet. 1. Avoid salt Due to the consumption of large amounts of salty foods is retained in the body of the excess water. Therefore...

Every other day you take the water, fruits and vegetables and lose a pound a day!

It’s best to implement this diet once a week or multiple times every other day, and foods rich in water are the key. By water diet you can lose a pound a day. However, it must be carried out every other day and not in the long run, but only occasionally. In fact, this diet is recommended...

Three effective steps to melt fat!

Fast walking will speed up the heart rate, enhance metabolism and melt away fat deposits in critical areas. Walk half an hour every day, and with these tips for proper practice, the accumulated calories are melted faster. 1st Step Quick walk 13 minutes (you’ll know that you’re walking a desirable pace if you notice a rapid...

In top form for one minute

Perform the exercises one after another without a break in between. You can do more times per day. Saying that you do not have time to exercise, no longer apply. To perform this set of three speed exercises it will only take one minute (at the beginning of the two minutes, but when you get to...


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