Cauliflower because of its specific taste and smell is not very favorite foods, especially among children, but this vegetable has great antioxidant properties that may catch you by surprise. It is very rich in nutrients and a great addition to detox treatments.

Protects against carcinogens. The main reason why we are doing detoxification is get rid of excess toxic substances that accumulate in the body. Nutrients say that cauliflower super star among vegetables when it comes to nutritional value. Specific components that give the specific smell during cooking proven to protect the lungs and stomach by known carcinogens, and are called glucosinolates.

Rich in fiber. Healthy digestion is the most important part of detoxification. Fortunately, cauliflower food is extremely rich in fiber and therefore in a very natural way to clean the body. If you eat more cauliflower, not only will your bowels work to be more easier for you to lose weight.

Poor carbohydrates. When it comes to detoxification carbs are not your friends, so you should eat more cauliflower because it can seamlessly replace foods rich in carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta, and from it you can make the pizza crust without the flour.

Reduces the risk of cancerous diseases. Just like the rest of the family kupusarki vegetables, broccoli and brussels sprouts and cauliflower contain ingredients that help to lower the risk of developing certain cancerous diseases. This component is called sulforaphane and found that not only suppresses cancer cells, but also reduces the possibility of hereditary cancer-causing diseases.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για cauliflower

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