You have planned your diet regime? Forgot your couscous? Let’s unveil the secret of the Middle East. Why is it so good couscous for “tasting”?

This kind of food provides a special festive element salads Middle East. Originally from Morocco, and consists of small pellets of dried semolina dough. It is much better substitute for rice, a mandatory part of all diet. Why?

One cup of couscous provides you with 176 calories or 8 percent of the standard “2000 calories diet.” Also, it is less calories than you have in a cup of rice. Unlike other similar foods, couscous is much richer in proteins, which are important for maintaining a high level of energy. Protein intake is very important for strengthening muscles, especially after exercise, which are an important part of your diet. The body also uses protein to build healed wounds and enzymes.

One cup of couscous provides you with 61 percent of the recommended levels of selenium. Significant sources of selenium in the diet are very rare, so it is important to incorporate the couscous into your healthy diet. And with that, selenium, antioxidant protects blood vessels from atherosclerosis.

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