When you say detox diets mostly we thought of it as mere of starvation and that is never a good option. We present today detox diet that is really worth trying, and you will get incredibly good results.

If you want to lend yourself to this treatment and start exploring you will come across a lot of programs that hardly anyone can endure. Can you for a week live on lemonade maple syrup and cayenne pepper? You will not need to because all the diet are not as restrictive. No problem, you can find a program that will completely suit your lifestyle, and of course we have a few suggestions that you should definitely take into consideration.

Detox diet using raw foods. As its name suggests this diet involves eating only raw foods. Cooking is not allowed which is actually very good because cooking in principle neutralize all the nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

Cleansing juices and smoothies. This kind of detox treatment should not last longer than three days, will certainly not be easy, but definitely worth it. Just some of the benefits that you will get are: to purify the body, cleansing the liver and resting organs. Most of these treatments are no limitations when it comes to soft drinks you can drink during the day.

Detox diet soups. Here we do not mean clear soups from bones in which there is nothing but water, but we think the rich soup packed with protein, fiber and vegetables. Soups will not only provide you with all the necessary nutrients but will also accelerate metabolism even if the diet is to observe a few days.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για detox diet

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