Claudia Schiffer has a very simple diet plan. She eats fruits, tea and honey for breakfast, salads and soups for lunch, and a salad of chicken or fish, or a piece of chicken for dinner.

The appearance of Hollywood stars is something about which dream women and men around the world. When we watch TV and movies they look perfect. At the award ceremonies are still all nice, nice, with beautiful dresses and departments, hairstyles, jewelry and makeup.

Physical appearance of the star is usually the one who provides them a career, wealth and popularity, so they pay a lot of attention to appearance, especially watching the weight.
Hollywood beauties are often on a diet, and this way we bring you a couple of examples of diets and diet regime famous beauties.

Jennifer Aniston

This beauty has a large fan, thanks to a sexy slender body and a good haircut.
Her diet is reduced to the so-called rule of 40:30:30. This means that Jennifer eating 40% carbohydrates with a little sugar (legumes, grains, fruits and vegetables), 30% protein (chicken, turkey, beef and low fat dairy products) and 30% essential fats (fish, olive oil, nuts).

This way of eating Jennifer Aniston provides your body balance and all the necessary nutrients.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has lost 27 pounds accumulated during pregnancy thanks to exercise and a diet rich in protein. Its high protein diet combined with cardiovascular exercises, exercise with weights is very quickly stopped the voices of critics and Kate’s public showed their perfect looks and great abs.


Queen of Pop on which dream of men across the globe, according to some, has the perfect body. Her name has become synonymous with sexy body. Her love of yoga and its non-consumption of fast food ensure that her body remains in perfect shape. Its organic diet rich in lean protein.

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