No matter how good you feel and no matter that your pregnancy runs in the best possible way, there are housework that during the anticipation of the most beautiful days in your life should be avoided.

Even though you have an irresistible urge to polish your home before the baby you might have some jobs that should give to those who are willing to help. Engage partner, mother, mother in law, friend, and you just monitor the process.

Here’s what are the housework that pregnant women should avoid.

Using chemicals

Products such as the means to kill ants, oven cleaner or bleach should not find themselves in the hands of expectant mothers, because all these products are highly toxic fumes. If you have a problem with ants and insects try to find out more natural and less harmful alternatives such as chalk against ants or adhesive tape for flies.

Heavy lifting

Do not tough it during pregnancy or move furniture or bringing heavy bags from the store still reassign. When it comes to buying, get a shopping bag on wheels that will greatly facilitate the departure for supplies.

Cleaning animal poop

No matter how much they love your pet cleaning cat’s sand and dog faeces is certainly not recommended for pregnant women because it exposed many parasites and microbes. The greatest danger is certainly toxoplasmosis, an infection carried by parasites, which are found in cat litter. If you must do this work do it in gloves and wash your hands afterwards.

Cleaning curtains, chandeliers and fan

Try to avoid all activities that require any kind of climbing on chairs or ladders. Pregnant women are more difficult to balance their bellies, and falls can be very dangerous in the state in which you are located.

Floor Cleaning

Scrubbing floors clean with a broom or mop is just fine, but if you perform a gradual and do not get tired too because exaggeration can lead to pain in the lower back. When it’s time to clean the floors in the apartment or house, do it several times, room by room and rest often.

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