A set of natural-looking nails are something most women dream of…and today we’re going to help you make this dream a reality!

The key to a modelesque manicure goes way beyond polishes and filing. The nail is complex thing and in order for it to grow and strengthen, it must be both cared for and nourished correctly.

Knowledge equals power and nails are no different. Better understanding of the nail anatomy means better understanding of what it requires to grow and long and strong.

Your nail might look like one solid sheet, but it’s actually made up of layers. These layers are made of a protein called Keratin, which is also a component of hair and skin. The half-moon at the base of your nail is called the Lunula, and the slither of white that lines the top of your nail is the free edge.

We’ll discuss the matrix and cuticle in more detail later on.

How do nails grow?

The part of the nail visible to the human eye is actually dead. The section at the base of the nail, the matrix, is the only area which contains living cells. New cells grow from the matrix, and as they do, they push old ones along, increasing the length of our nail.

Once these living cells lose contact with the root, they die, which is why we feel no pain when cutting or trimming our nails.

Growing your nails requires learning how to take care of both the matrix and the nail bed.

How fast do nails grow?

The average nail growth is around 2-3mm a month, however, some people find their nails growing at a much faster or slower rate.

Remember – the cells themselves aren’t actually increasing in size but simply accumulating and pushing old ones along as they do. In order to achieve length, you need to ensure these cells are both healthy and also well-maintained once they’ve lost contact with the matrix.

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