Is it really possible to quit sugar in just 5 days? It is, and in this article Beauty and Tips takes a look at how with 10 super helpful tips.

There is nothing quite like the sugar problem in the western world. Sure, many people smoke, but more people are addicted to sugar. In fact, the average person consumes at least 22 teaspoons of sugar each day. To put that into some perspective, that’s a staggering three times more than the daily average recommended amount.

The biggest problem with our sugar addiction is that, for most if not all of us, it starts early. As kids, we have a sweet tooth that our parents satisfy with candy, cookies, soda and more. We can’t get enough of it. Ailments like diabetes mean nothing to us, they’re just things that daddy gets. As we get older, though, we have to face up our mortality. More concerned about our health, we’re also more knowledgable about what worsens our health. Too much sugar over the years can contribute to the onset of the likes of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and it’s no longer just daddy who can get these diseases — it’s also us. As such, more and more people are trying to give up sugar. It should be a collective effort. It isn’t just obese people who have a problem, it’s all of us. For many, sugar is our weak link. Giving it up is hard, but the best way to do it is quickly. Don’t ween yourself off it over a year. Use these 10 amazing, super helpful tips on how to quit sugar in 5 days.

Don’t Aim To Quit In Less Than Five Days

You might be thinking that if it’s possible to quit in just five days, you could probably quit in four, three or even two. Hey, you might as well quit altogether right now! Don’t do it. Five days is just long enough so that it isn’t cold turkey, but it’s brief enough so that you don’t kid yourself that you’re giving up, when really you’re still addicted.

Five days is the perfect cut-off point. It means you avoid the nasty symptoms associated with withdrawal, such as headaches, mood swings and anxiety, and it also means you’ve got an aggressive enough deadline so that you can’t get comfortable and think “it’s okay if I miss a goal today, I don’t need to fully give up sugar for another month.” Stick to a 5 day goal.

Swap Soda For Healthier Alternatives

If you drink soda daily, one of the first things you need to do is give it up. Soda is packed with sugar. Indeed, just a single can of coca cola contains almost 10 teaspoons. That’s way too much, and is already more sugar than the daily recommended amount. Instead, ditch the soda and swap it for healthier alternatives. This can include seltzer, water infused with fresh fruit slices, or just plain water. Water might sound too boring for some, which is why adding fresh fruit slices or berries is a good idea. If you quite like the idea of drinking just water, go for it.

Eat More Good Fats and Protein

This is another great tip on how to quit sugar in 5 days. We tend to turn to sugar when we’re hungry. The answer, then? Eat more healthy fats and protein so that you feel so satisfied you don’t need to turn to sugar.

Read The Label

Unless you read the label on everything you buy, you could end up eating way more sugar than you ever wanted to. Checking the label is easy. Find out how much sugar is in one sauce and then compare it to another, before buying the one with the least amount of sugar. Simple.

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