If you want to quickly and effectively prepare for bikini season, you are at the right place. You do not need to try out new diets, starving yourself or spending hours in the gym- a couple of simple steps will enable you to achieve your goal.

1. Breakfast on the basis of protein

Instead of cereals and similar types of foods saturated starch, make breakfast of protein. Proteins are 25 percent more speed your metabolism of carbohydrates. Insert the diet egg whites, yogurt with berries or a protein shake and you will soon notice a change.

2. Reduce intake of fat

While unsaturated fats necessary for the proper functioning of your body, certain types of fat can do to get on the field faster than you thought. Instead of the oil in a classic bottle, use oil spray. And avoid excessive intake of nuts. Instead consume more seeds because they contain more fiber and protein.

3. Increase fiber intake

Foods rich in fiber will quickly saturate, and thus prevent the overeating. Linseeds, coconut flour, berries or vegetables without starch are excellent sources of fiber. Simply add them to salads, yogurt or shakes.

4. Bring in weightlifting

Although cardiovascular exercise are most effective for reducing fat around the waist, lifting weights is also extremely effective. After a workout your body will continue to burn fat the next 12 hours. About 20-25 minutes three times a week will be enough to see the results soon.

5. Drink more low-fat yogurt

Yogurt is rich in protein and probiotic cultures to reduce excessive swelling and cause the reduction of fat around the waist. You can add berries or stevia to be complete enjoyment.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για protein breakfast

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