Temptation in the form of an attack of hunger or longing for your favorite snacks or desserts are the biggest enemy of your determination to persevere in the diet or to protect the line that you are currently satisfied.

When you feel hunger, many people resort to various tricks. Try it some of them.

* Did you know that there are scents that you can satisfy your hunger? Make a mixture of fragrant essential oils of cinnamon and cloves and keep it in a small bottle. Every time you fall into the temptation to break the rules take a deep breath odor that spreads from your precious bottles and hunger will disappear.

* A proper breathing exercises can help you resist temptation. Proper breathing stimulates the the part of the brain that controls impulses and hunger. Place one hand on your chest, at the level of the heart and the other on your stomach, take a deep breath and let the air that you breathe freely down to the stomach, then slowly exhale. A short pause, wait to re-establish a normal breathing pattern, and repeat the whole exercise. Hunger will meanwhile completely forgotten.

* As soon as you feel the turning of the stomach, drink a large glass of water and it will be at least half an hour put off your desire for food.

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