Looking to lose weight the easy way? Sounds like you need to trick your brain into eating less.

They say that our brain is more powerful than the most powerful computer in the world. It’s capable of processing thousands of thoughts with lighting quick precision. Despite this, the human brain is still vulnerable to being tricked. And if you want to lose weight the easy way, that’s exactly what you need to do. Don’t believe that your brain can be tricked? How do you think habits are formed? Habits are formed when we alter the way our brain responds to things. Instead of always craving a coffee in the morning, we can convince our brain that, actually, we hate coffee. Nothing is fixed. Indeed, the only reason your brain thinks the way it does is because you’ve spent years conditioning it to think that way. If you want to behave differently, all you need to do is trick your brain. Here are a few tips on how to trick your brain into eating less food and shed pounds:

Eat From Smaller Plates

Have you ever stopped to consider how BIG your plate is? It’s not something we think about. Yet compared to, say, the Japanese and their cute lil sushi dishes, ours are enormous. Are they so big because that’s the size they’ve always been? Or did someone, somewhere along the line decide they should be that big? It was actually in the 1960s when America introduced bigger dinner plates, no doubt to encourage us to eat more, to consume more – to spend more. And also to waste more! The result? People ate the WHOLE plate and put on weight. A dinner plate doesn’t need to be so big. The problem is, we fill our plates to the maximum with food and feel guilty when we don’t finish everything. Sometimes, we literally force ourselves to eat every last morsel. Otherwise, we’re wasting food and we’ll feel guilty. But do you know what? If you invest in a smaller plate and fill it to the max with food, your brain won’t know the difference. It will still feel just as full as it would if you were eating from a bigger plate. Why? Because you don’t need to eat SO much to feel full. You and your brain just think you do. This is one of the most efficient tips on how to trick your brain into eating less. From now on, try eating from a smaller plate and see what happens.

Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is when we focus solely on the food we’re eating and nothing else. We aren’t distracted by the television, our phones, our laptops, our friends, our homework, our boss, our future – we’re focused solely on our food. When we block out all other thoughts like this, we become much more aware of what we’re eating. We notice every smell, every taste, every chew. And in so doing, we become so much more aware of how much we’re eating and when we should stop.

Don’t Eat While Watching TV

As powerful as we think our brains are, what’s really powerful is our subconscious. It’s a gazillion times more powerful than our conscious. In fact, our conscious only has the ability to focus on perhaps three tasks at the most at any given time. This is bad news whenever you snack and watch TV at the same time. Your brain finds it hard to focus on the two activities, with the end result being that Game of Thrones gets prioritised, while your snacking habits get pushed to one side. By the time the show has ended, you’ve eaten way more than you planned. If you must snack on something while watching TV, try something much healthier instead, such as grapes.

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