Weight loss is not impossible. The first two steps are determination and discipline, and for the rest- we are here. Read menu for 10 days of the diet and a few simple tips.


Increase water intake (to calculate how much water your body needs to divide number of kilograms with 20 and get how many liters of water you need to drink per day. If you are kind of heavy 70 kg, divide that number by 20 and you get 3.5, which means that it is your the recommended daily dose of water, this is a very important step when it comes to program these diets than 10 days).

Drink green tea instead of coffee or plain tea.

Every morning on an empty stomach, drink and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and half a spoonful of honey tortured in 1 glass of warm water. This trick brings great results.

Increase your intake of protein (protein meal twice a day), and reduce carbs. However looking for healthy sources of protein, such as soy products. Eat food rich in fiber.

Discard fast food and fizzy drinks and nibble healthy. Include sprouts in your diet, eat only three meals, of which only lunch can be caloric.

Include exercise.

Enrich diet with fruits full of water, and avoid red meat, sugar and salt.

Choose salads instead of juice, because it will keep you satiated longer.

Do not skip meals or decrease the amount of food for 1/3 of the ordinary.


Day 1, 2 and 3: warm water with lemon juice and honey on an empty stomach,

Breakfast (up to 9 hours): cereals or protein meal (germ, protein shakes or other healthy protein source),

Lunch (13.30): a small cup of cooked rice and 3 types of vegetables (1 each) prepared by steaming (avoid potatoes) and 1 or 2 Indian chapati,

Evening drink green tea without sugar and up to 17 hours or less a cup of sprouts fruits rich in fiber,

Dinner: eat 2 to 3 Indian chapati.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για lemon water

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