Although we all have a thousand excuses why we avoid exercise, and particularly those at home, this is an exercise for you butt you are supposed to force yourself in all possible ways.

Although it is one exercise, and it is quite simple, it is very much an effect.

Lie on a flat, hard surface, shoulders sagging to the floor, lift your feet to the ball for Pilates, not bending them at the knees.

Squeeze the muscles of the buttocks, lifting it from the ground, leaning feet on the ball for Pilates, his hands still hold fast to the ground with the body. Hold your position as long as you can, at least 10 to 15 seconds. However, in this exercise, the longer you hold out, the better.

Hinder raised buttocks, then bend your legs at the knees and the feet towards the ball toward you until your feet are not on the ball all over its surface.

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