Strengthen muscles using props that were invented by US Marines. This training is especially recommended for those who have problems with the back muscles.

Recreationists who do not like to practice using the machines at the gym, muscles can tighten using (TRX) strips. This apparatus invented by US Marines to improve physical condition. Body weight, with the help of these strips, develop all functional motor skills – strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination. At the same time, constantly activated so-called stabilizers troops, or the abdominal and back muscles.

The load is determined by slope. The higher the slope during the execution of the exercise, it will be higher and intensity. Straps that more must at all times be tense. Exercises are initially performed for 30 seconds, and 60 seconds later with an accelerated pace.

Props are two large straps that are attached to the ceiling and help stretch and strengthen the body. During the TRX training equally engage both upper and lower body, which improves the flexibility of the whole body and stiffness of joints, and this training is especially recommended for those who have back problems. With these bands can practice both young and old, men, women and children.

In addition to the gym, this apparatus can also be used at home with the continuation of doors in nature attached to a tree. Before beginning an exercise be sure to exercise heating for five minutes, and take the same amount of time at the end, to properly tighten and relax the muscles.


Width apart, legs straight, feet are hip-width apart. The arms were bent at the elbows. Hands, grasp the handles TRX bands. Drop into a squat until thighs and lower legs do not form an angle of 90 degrees. Note that the knee should not exceed the toes of the foot. The back is right. Inhaling is when lowering and exhale while raising a body.


One leg is stretched out, the other bent at the knee and tilted slightly backwards. Holding the handles with your elbows bent down to the squat. Inhaling is when lowering and exhale while raising a body. Upon completion of the exercise one leg do the same number of repetitions with the other leg.

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