By now, we all know that rolling into bed with makeup on isn’t the done thing, but what about all the other daily things that could be ruining your beauty routine.

Alphie Sasad, national artistry lead for Sephora Australia shares a few bad beauty habits that you should break.

From not culling your products frequently enough, to skipping some vital skincare steps, Alphie reveals a few common things people should do.

Not changing your pillowcase often enough

How often you should change your pillowcase depends on your skin type, Alphie explains.

“If you’re acne prone, I’d suggest every second day. Bacteria, makeup residue, sweat and natural oils accumulate quickly, and you want to be eliminating as many irritants as possible,” he says. “For everyone else, at least once a week. A silk pillowcase like the ones from Slip will absorb less of your skincare – leaving the goodness on your skin – and has the added bonus of helping to keep hair smooth.”

Keeping hair products, forever

While it may be tempting to keep your favourite finishing spray for special occasions, Alphie says that depending on what active ingredients are in your products, you should only be keeping hair products on the shelf for 6 to 12 months.

If you’re unsure, most products do have a recommended shelf life on the packaging. “If you keep them any longer they stop doing what they’re designed to do, and in some cases can cause irritation. If in doubt, throw it out,” he says.

Leaving your makeup on for a sweaty gym session

“When you’re sweaty or even just warm, pores open up so absorb more of what’s sitting on top of your skin,” Alphie explains.

So if you have a few layers of foundation and the rest, you can risk clogging your pores.

Simply use a face wipe to remove any makeup before you hit the gym. “I’d suggest using wipes like the ones from CliniqueFIT and a light moisturiser like Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation, then do your full cleansing and skincare routine once you’re home,” he says.

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