When you are sick, exercise is the last thing you’re thinking of. It is true that the body during cold but stressed that it makes no sense to burden it further. However, in some cases, moderate exercise may help you feel better.

If symptoms are present, such as coughing, sinus pressure and nasal congestion, then the exercise is completely safe. Listen to your body, you will also be able to recognize that you exercise suits, and which are not.

Best exercise


Colds will reduce the level of energy, so intense workout is not the smartest thing you can do. But after 20 minutes of walking you will feel better. The walk will alleviate the symptoms of colds and increase energy levels.

If your sinuses are clogged, the walk will help because it will encourage deeper breathing and speed up the cleaning of the sinuses. Of course, if you notice that a walk worsens symptoms, immediately stop and rest.


As long as jogging part of your daily routine, there is no reason to skip it due to a mild cold. A number of people said that their jogging helps in reducing the symptoms of colds, increases energy levels and speeds up recovery time.

No fear, you can run the same intensity as usual, but do not overdo it, because the body is already working hard to defend against infection. The best advice is to listen body and stop if you notice that you too.

Worst exercise


If you are preparing for a marathon, do not refrain postpone it if you are sick. During the cold is good exercise, but in moderation. Daily exercise will strengthen the immune system and maintain a healthy body, but too much exercise will have the opposite effect.

Although no research has not proved that the marathon is harmful for people suffering from colds, scientists have shown that high intensity exercise and exercise that lasts for hours is not good for people suffering from colds.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για jogging

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