This eye cream for dark circles and puffy under eyes is supposed to help right away.

Ever since I had eyelids, they were puffy. Yes, I could just say since birth, but I don’t know when eyelids form in the womb and I don’t want to rule anything out because they were probably puffy in there, too.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to accept the shape of my eyes for what they are–regular ol’ eyes–but when puffiness and bags started appearing under my eyes, I had to do something about it. (How much eye puff can a gal take?)

Dr. Brandt’s eye de-puffing gel, Needles No More, No More Baggage, has long been recommended to me by a trusted beauty source, AKA my friend with good skin, and the 10,000 loves it’s racked up on Sephora’s site make it look like a pretty promising eye savior.

What’s even more attractive about Dr. Brandt’s eye cream is that, in addition to the benefits of long-term and consistent use like what you’re used to with other eye creams, No More Baggage claims it will make your eyes look brighter and more awake “immediately.”

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