It’s amazing how much winter diet can affect our health situation in this sensitive time of year. If you follow the guidelines of traditional Chinese medicine can avoid colds and remain vital and strong.

Nutrition, that is already well known, plays a key role in protecting our body from disease. According to traditional Chinese medicine “digestive fire” is the biggest in the morning, so that’s why breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. It is further advised that we should eat according to their structure, health status and seasons.

In the diets rarely pay attention to the seasons. In fact, some organs have intensified to work, let’s say, in the winter should be backed by a proper diet. In winter it is very important to balance the body proper selection of food.

How we function in the winter?

Winter is the end of all season, it’s time to slow down a little, save energy for the spring awakening. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this means that we need to focus on: mutton, beef, goose, duck, eggs, sesame seeds, dates, mushrooms, leeks, nuts – they all food jin.

Winter in accordance with the water, and the work of the kidneys. It is important that in this period the share meals with loved ones, you often eat together, and prepare food together. Be sure you need food, but the atmosphere warms the body.

Listen to your body, and always be sure of what fits you and what does not. Learn on what you react badly and how to help yourself. Our bodies are different structure, weight, all this affects our general situation, a small army of defense against disease.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Winter diet on the advice of traditional Chinese medicine

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