Ah, the holidays—overflowing with treats, merriment, and unwanted opinions from family members. While that last one is certainly not the gift that keeps on giving, it’s bound to happen, especially if your relationship status has recently changed. And yes, most of them mean well (except for Uncle Jerry, he’s just trying to rile you up), but you’re still going to want to arm yourself with some handy answers and attitudes for when those inevitable questions and unsolicited advice start rolling in. So we’ve rounded up some of the relationship statuses that may be relevant to you—and some ways to cope with what they can mean during the holidays. (This plus spiked eggnog is the way to make it through unscathed.)

Relationship Status: Single (never married)

What you can expect

To hear a lot of “Any guy/girl in your life?” type questions. Try as they may, this just seems to be the first thing that comes to mind when catching up or making small talk. Plus it is sort of the most risky-yet-rewarding question because if there is someone new, it can be a really fun, juicy conversation.

How to handle it

One approach is to scream “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” while hurling a fruitcake across the living room. But since that rarely ends well, a great way to handle this onslaught is to either be a saint and fill them in on the newest crush (if there is one) or pivot the conversation toward an area of your life you’d like to discuss. Such as hobbies, work stuff, books you just read, the presidential election…you know, all the safe topics. (Wink.)

Relationship Status: Newly Dating (and spending your first holiday together)

What you can expect

Everything to feel magical and wonderful but also sprinkled with pressure. You should also expect his or her family to feel foreign to you in many ways. Not only because this is likely the first extended amount of time you’ve spent with them, but every family is different (and seemingly weird from the outside). So prep for those feelings: “Oh, this is how they do it and it’s totally different than how my family does things.”

How to handle it

A good rule of thumb here is to have an “expectations” chat with your new partner. (Fun, right?) This will help you both understand better what you’re walking into and how each family handles things (like gift traditions, sleeping arrangements, and alcohol). Basically, don’t make any assumptions because families be crazy.

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